Defy the traditionally male concept of power in athletics and combine it with the power of the softer, warmer yet truly strong woman in mind, body and spirit, and you’ve got Team David’s Salon.

Team David’s Salon, the country’s first all-women multi-sport team composed of  Bing Alto, Maritess Bitbit, Marita Lucas, Ani de Leon, Kaye Lopez, Mona Valdes and Senator Pia Cayetano.

Coming from diverse backgrounds, each member is accomplished in her own right. What unites them is a passion for cycling and fitness.

David Charlton proudly says:  “Team David’s Salon represents the empowered woman.  She is healthy, fit and strong. She is beautiful, inside and out.”

“David’s Salon cares about the overall well-being of women. Our sponsorship of Team David is our way of promoting a healthy, sporty lifestyle among women. I myself am a triathlete,” Charlton divulges. “ I strongly

 advocate sports for women as an exciting and invigorating lifestyle that combines ‘living strong’ and ‘living beautiful’, the beauty expert encourages.