ďDavidís Salon cares about the overall well-being of women. Our sponsorship of Team David is our way of promoting a healthy, sporty lifestyle among women. I myself am a triathlete,Ē Charlton divulges. ď I strongly advocate sports for women as an exciting and invigorating lifestyle that combines Ďliving strongí and Ďliving beautifulí, the beauty expert encourages.


A Lifestyle of Beauty, Style, Fitness and Wellbeing

More than two decades after pioneering salon partnerships in the country, the Davidís Salon Group has become an institution in the local hairdressing industry. It has expanded from being the salon of choice for people who want A plus service at C plus prices, into an organization dedicated to bringing out the beauty and well being of its clients.

Salons.  With branches located in cities all over the country, Davidís is one of the leading  chain of salons in the country.  It continues to maintain an edge over the competition by combining technical know-how with creativity, professionalism and sincere concern for its clients.  Davidís sends its top hairstylists to training courses abroad to keep abreast with the latest trends in beauty and hairstyles.

Fitness Center.  Not content with this leadership, founder and beauty expert David Charlton continued with the mission of the Davidís Salon Group to bring out the beauty and well being of its treasured patrons with the establishment of the Davidís Fitness Center in Robinsonís Galleria.  The Fitness Center in Robinsonís Galleria turns ten this year. The center is equipped with the latest and most complete array of body building facilities and services including a pool, Jacuzzi and sauna for Galleria. Membership rates are very reasonable and competitive, all the better to provide the best service for its clients.

Davidís Skin ĎN Face Spa.  Believing that true beauty only comes with inner peace and serenity, David is building a network of spas amidst the hustle and bustle of malls in the metropolis.  Havens of soothing calmness and quiet, the spas are perfect for pampering and relaxation after a week of being cooped up at home or at work.  The spas are equipped with top of the line spa equipment like the dermalife and vichy shower in The Podium in Pasig. Competent, well trained physical therapists and facial technicians provide only the most excellent spa services to bring about healthy skin and relaxed muscles. Skin ĎN Face Spas are present in SM Megamall, Fairview and Bicutan and has recently been opened in SM Baguio. Filinvest Mall also boasts of a Davidís Skin ďN Face Spa.

Training Center.  The generosity of spirit and the willingness to share that characterized Davidís Salon Groupís phenomenal growth does not stop there.  David Charlton has opened to the public the doors of its prestigious hairstyle and makeup training center in its Makati headquarters. The Training Center is now accepting outside enrollees who would like to learn the techniques of good hairstyling and make-up. Professionals and those who are simply interested for personal reasons are most welcome. 

Giving Back:  The Davidís Salon Group does not rest on its success. One reason for its continued growth is the companyís desire to give back to the community the lifestyle of beauty, style, fitness and well being it showers on its customers. A recent move is the sponsorship of the countryís first all-women multi-sport team. Team Davidís Salon is composed of members of the countryís National Cycling, Triathlon, and Duathlon teams, a homemaker/caterer and a public servant. The feisty ladies are out to prove to the world that women have equal rights to be on the road with the supposedly stronger sex. They are empowered women: healthy, fit and strong. Beautiful, inside and out.

There are seven members in the team, each with unique capabilities and strengths. Most members of the team have won medals in both local and international competitions where some even represented and brought honors to the country.  Some will once again be representing the country in the SouthEast Asian Games this year. It is a mixed group of determined young women who are professionals and/or homemakers coming from different walks of life. They are united by our passion for sports, particularly cycling and triathlon.

Davidís Salon has also very recently joined forces with Lipa City Mayor Vilma Santos Recto to support the ďGunting at Suklay Tungo sa Hanapbuhay Part IIĒ project of the Love-Lipa Foundation, Inc. The Foundation is an organization of women in Lipa City helping indigent Lipenos, with Mayor Vilma Santos Recto as Honorary Chairperson. A team  of  Davidís top hairstylists visited Lipa to personally conduct a hairstyling training session for women from the cityís different barangays so they can begin earning a livelihood for their families.

From national beauty competitions such as Binibining Pilipinas where Davidís Salon has long been the sponsoring beauty stylist to partnerships with top beauty products manufacturers, Davidís creativity and vision will continue to provide the answers towards a lifestyle of beauty, style, fitness and wellbeing.


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